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Lawn & Garden V-Belts

BINLONG manufacture a specialized range of belts exclusively designed to withstand the rigorous working conditions of Grass Machinery applications. BINLONG Lawn & Garden belts are designed and manufactured to exactly fit into all popularly available lawn and garden machinery.

BINLONG Lawn & Garden belts provide best solutions with highest quality and covers majority of lawn and garden market. Use of BINLONG Lawn & Garden belt ensures low downtime & manpower cost associated with replacing a belt.

BINLONG Lawn and Garden Belts offer the Best Fit for OE replacement in different categories of belt construction.


Aramid cord impregnated with special compound eliminates the need for tensioning while offering:

- High Tensile Strength

- Non-extensibility

- High Resistance to shock loads

Dry wrapping of special fabric ensures:

- High resistance to wear and tear and reduced slippage while clutching

Belt Characteristics ensure:

- High resistance to repeated reverse flexing

- High resistance to oil, heat and cracking

Extensive range tested and approved by many OEM’s.

Available in Blue, Brown, White, Grey, and Black fabric.

Available in all standard sections.

As the name suggests, the applications using these belts are very specific.

BINLONG Aramid/Kevlar corded V belts are also suitable for industrial applications where shock loading or zero elongation are critical factors. Typical applications include the lawn and garden Machinery where the clutching requirement is very high.

Standards & Dimensions:

The standard length designation for Light Duty V-belts is as follows: Belt number / 10 = Outside length in inches. For example: 3L400 means 400 / 10= 40 inches outside length

Section Top Width Thickness Angle
(inch) (inch) (Deg)
3L 0.38 0.22 40
4L 0.50 0.31 40<
5L< 0.66 0.38 40

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