Semi-feeding Combine Harvester Belts SA SB SC ( LAX, LBX, LCX )


  • Rubber impregnated canvas
  • Aramid tensile members
  • Chloroprene rubber
  • Fiber loaded chloroprene rubber
  • Chloroprene compression rubber

Features + Benefits

The series has heat and flex resistance superior to any other V belts, which makes it a top-end v belt for the agricultural machinery use enabling high-load power transmission. You can be assured to use this V belt under harsh environments

Making full use of the capabilities of agricultural machinery

As the agricultural machinery increasingly enhance sits performance and functions, the quality required for v belts used in the agricultural machinery is going upscale.

On fine quality market, there are cases where the agricultural machinery should use more than in order to deliver the thorough functions. Now, we make the highest quality among V belts for the agricultural machinery use on the fine quality market.


Production Range
SA/LAX no request
SB/LBX no request
SC/LCX no request
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