PU Coated Timing Belts

PU Coated Timing Belts

Coating: All types of BINLONG timing belts can be manufactured with special

coatings, in order to fit many applications with different requirements, such as

SuperGrip, Linatex, APL etc

Color: blue, green, yellow, white, transparent and so on

Cords: Steel, Kevlar, Nylon

PU timing belts are manufactured in thermoset polyurethane by a unique moulding

process.The high-grade polyurethane gives superior wear and abrasion resistance.

Several type of cords, helicoidally rolled up inside the belts, assure excellent dimensional stability

and offer high performances in terms of flexibility and traction resistance


Widely used for almost any industrial synchronous transmission purpose.


High abrasion resistant

high efficiency

high precision transmission

Consist of: high strength steel cord or other cords

high quality polyurethane components.

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